Silicone Dildos

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When it comes to penetrating sex toys, there's no denying that silicone dildos are the main favorite!

It's hard to ward off from the classics, and we agree. Almost every dildo you've ever seen is made from either the magic S-word, has a portion of that material, or anything similar to that.

There are so many things why this type is the number one choice. We'll gladly break it down for you while also giving you the top features and benefits you can get...of course, other than you can stick them up to your love holes.

You'll find a lot of "silicone dildos" that aren't 100% safe, non-toxic, or even waterproof; we provide all of that. This type of material is not only safe and hypoallergenic, but it's also medical-grade. What this means is that each product is made from the same type of material that hospitals use for their medical equipment.

Being non-toxic also ensures that it doesn't include any harsh chemicals that shouldn't be introduced to your body. Examples of these elements are latex, phthalates, and BPA. No need to worry about second-guessing whether or not they're safe to use because they are!

Having waterproof properties also aren't guaranteed on every other dildo, that's because their material is not non-porous--which is when any product is completely enclosed that any liquid can't seep in. Other ones have micro-pores that even the tiniest drop could get in and ruin your toy. Ours is completely non-porous, making them the perfect companions to use while you're in the shower or bathtub.

Additionally, this could mean that you're more than welcome to apply your favorite lubricant! Keep in mind that you can only use water-based lube for silicone dildos--nothing more and nothing less. Using silicone-based lube is a recipe for disaster, and it can easily cause your dildo to corrode.

Once you've gotten ahold of those tips and features, it's time to pick your favorite dildo to use! We have different styles and designs for you to choose from.

If you're someone who likes the look and feel of a real-life penis, you can easily get away with our realistic-looking models. These have similar features to a dick--down to a tee. Everything from the smooth and sensitive tip to the textured hanging balls, even to the bulging veins! You might not even be needing your man after this! Or you can still have them take full control with a penis sleeve.

If the idea of having a penis-looking shaft is leading you off, we have other options. There are non-realistic babies that still offer the same stimulation and feel thanks to their ribbed bodies, curvy structure, and dotted physique. Anything you want in a dildo, we have it here!

Looking for more? Just keep scrolling! Suction cup products are here to give you that hands-free ride; strap-ons are available if you want to be the dominant one for once. We can't emphasize enough that our collection of silicone dildos includes everything that will hit you in all the sweet spots. So, have a look for yourself!

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