Inflatable Dildos

Give yourself a taste of sexual pleasure with our collection of inflatable dildos!

When you’ve exhausted all of the features of most sex toys—vibrating g spot pleaser, butt plug spot pleaser, remote control silicone dildo, 10 inches dildo, rabbit head vibrator and many more, you think there's nothing else in the word that can have you scream with pleasure to the high heavens. That's where you're wrong. Let us introduce you to the best inflatable dildo, one of the most extreme products imaginable. If you're really that kinky, this might even turn you on even more.

Looking for something that can spice things up with your normal routine in bed? Here’s a few interesting bangers that you might wanna try. With the Inflatable vibrating dildo or an Inflatable silicone ones, these two might just make your night unforgettable. Large inflatable dildo and an inflatable butt plug can never go wrong with making it even more intense just lube it up real good!

Each inflatable dildo is made from our finest set of materials: silicone, rubber, or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These are all pliable materials that can stretch and conform to any shape you desire, making them perfect for the additional features only an inflatable dildo can offer.

All of the materials are medical-grade, hypoallergenic, and high-quality. Medical-grade products mean that their quality and properties match with the products hospital use for their equipment. This means our inflatable dildos are safe to use in the body as they are non-toxic, meaning they don't include any harmful elements such as latex, BPA, and phthalates.

Aside from that, our inflatable dildo range are also non-porous. They don't include any micro-pores which causes water or any type of liquid to seep in easily. This makes them waterproof. Additionally, you can use a water-based lubricant for added pleasure. Just spread on a generous amount whenever you feel like it for a great satisfaction and more comfortable experience.

The design of inflatable dildos varies as well. But most of them mimic the physical appearance of an actual penis. If you're going solo but still want the meat only a man has, look no further and just grab an inflatable dildo from here. You'll see different skin tones and different sizes, from 6 inches to 10 inches, but the characteristics are just the same: a smooth and bulbous head at the tip, engorged veins around the shaft, up to the hanging and texturized balls at the end!

If a dick is the last thing you want to see, even more so the last thing you want inside of you, we have other options for you to consider as well. Similarly stimulating but plain inflatable dildos prove it's not about the realness, but the feeling it gives to you.

Of course, we wouldn't forget about the main feature of inflatable dildos… the fact that it’s adjustable, wherein it can be easily inflated to your desired girth! Inflatable dildos are designed to have different insertable length and thickness that you can adjust to your own liking. Each inflatable dildo comes with its own air pumping bulb that you can use to expand or deflate the toy. You can easily control it by yourself or hand the inflatable dildo pump to your partner and give him full control of your dirty fetishes. Want to go big? Give it a few pumps from the bulb and feel the inflatable dildo's circumference grow bigger and wider inside! There's no other sex toy that can make you feel that way.

There are pros and cons when it comes to choosing the sex toy that you fancy. There's rechargeable and battery operated. Pros for the battery-operated toys are no waiting game, put the batteries on, and off you go. Cons? if you bought the wrong size batteries or you just forgot to bring an extra pack. Pros for the rechargeable ones, obviously you don't have to buy batteries, it's just a matter of time to charge it, plus not all of them but most are 100% waterproof! Cons? Cords! It could be frustrating when you're about to reach the climax then it dies and you cant find the right cord for it. So are we up to bat(tery) or rock the cord?

What's left for you to do is to pick your favorite inflatable dildo and get yourself ready for a rollercoaster ride of your life. Our collection of inflatable dildos don't mess around when it comes to the circus in the bedroom.

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