A Look At The World's Most Expensive Dildos

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Luxury sex toys are not a new invention.

In fact, archaeologists have found ancient dildos made from significant metals (such as bronze and even gold) everywhere from the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs to the palaces of Chinese emperors.

However, it is only in recent years that the "luxury dildo" market has taken a giant leap in material quality, the types and number of additional perks available, and, of course, price.

You won't find any gold-plated or diamond-studded dildos here at Lovegasm.

We prioritize function, sturdiness, comfort, and, above all, prices that every single one of our customers all around the world can afford.

However, if you've ever been curious about just what some of the world's elite are thrusting into their vaginas or assholes, join us for this Lovegasm exclusive look at some of the most expensive dildos ever put on sale - and what exactly made them so pricey!

Sparkle & Shine

Of course, the number one thing which most expensive dildos feature is something to make them shiny.

Luxury items, after all, are very often ostentatious, and dildos and other sexual toys are no exception.

Some of the materials which have been used in the crafting of the world's priciest bedroom aids include:

  • Precious metals, in particular 24 karat gold and solid platinum
  • Gemstones, especially diamonds and blue sapphires
  • Pearls, both in "standard" white and "exotic" pink and other shades. In particular, pearls are especially popular because their smooth texture is actually believed to enhance sexual pleasure, not just the high-class appearance of the dildo.
  • Wood from exotic trees, usually those found in the Asian and South American jungles

A Personal Touch

We frequently recommend that all dildo enthusiasts keep their own personal collection separate, and do not share or exchange with friends or sexual partners.

This is a generally good idea when it comes to keeping yourself safe and healthy, as it limits the transmission of bacteria- including those which can result in nasty diseases.

However, the owners of some luxury dildos have taken it a step beyond merely taking care not to swap toys with their partners.Instead, they have their new toys engraved with their name, nickname, date of purchase, partner's name, or some other sort of sexy personal message.

We guess if you're wealthy enough to have lots of friends who own thousand-dollar gold-plated, diamond-encrusted dildos, it might be necessary to personalize each one so you don't get them mixed up at parties?

Almost all dildos above a certain price point will come with customization options such as this. Other than engraving, some luxury vibrating dildos allow customers to choose personalized vibration settings to be installed into their new purchase.

Some craftsmen personalize their dildos even further, making them unique to each customer - arranging their favorite gems in a pattern they select around a metal or wooden shaft carefully measured and shaped to fit their specific vagina or anus.

Years from now, future archaeologists and anthropologists will have no problem identifying who these ultra-fancy sexual toys belonged to!

Under Lock and Key

Of course, many of these customers are understandably concerned about having their expensive taste in dildos discovered by friends, servants, guests or other nosy individuals.

Therefore, for just a few hundred bucks extra, luxury dildo manufacturers will throw in a locked box and a key (or several!) in order to help keep your dildo safe from prying eyes.

The boxes, of course, are also made from expensive materials - usually rare woods decorated with gemstones and lined with silk, velvet, or perhaps even mother-of-pearl and are made with a subtle yet elegant design in order to resemble a luxury jewelry box rather than a dildo case.

The keys which come with these boxes are usually small, discreet, and made from precious metals such as gold or silver.

Some dildo manufacturers will even (for yet another added price, of course) work the key into the design of a piece of jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet, so that its owner can wear it to work or parties and never have to worry about misplacing it and losing access to their luxurious sexual toy.

If the dildo is not quite expensive enough to merit a lock and key, you can still expect it to be sold alongside a silk or velvet storage pouch.

It may also come with exclusive, high end cleaner, as gold and platinum do have different cleaning requirements when compared to more "standard" silicone, stainless steel or borosilicate glass.

It Ties Together The Whole Outfit

Another pricey add-on which might be sold with these ultra-luxury dildos is a matching toy - or, in recent years, even a matching accessory such as a piece of jewelry.

For example, a several thousand dollar 24-karat gold dildo might be sold alongside a gold butt plug as part of a "his & hers" matched set. Alternately, it might come with handcuffs or nipple clamps for those who are interested in using their dildos as part of a little bondage or S&M play.

Some dildos might be packaged with a bullet vibrator or other clitoral stimulator for a focus on female pleasure.

And, of course, there are many dildos, including some of the fancy gold or platinum ones, which are sold together with luxury leather harnesses in order to create the perfect high quality strap-on set for use in pegging play.

But wait, you might be saying right about now. Selling sex toys packaged together in sets isn't all that weird. It makes sense to package dildos with other toys that dildo enthusiasts might enjoy using in the bedroom.

It's not that strange that the makers of high-class dildos would do the same thing, right?

Well, you're right. That's true. However, here's where it gets just a little bit weirder. Some of these dildos are not only sold with other sex toys, but together with matching jewelry or other high-fashion accessories.

You heard me right. The latest trend among the rich and famous is coordinating your outfit so carefully that your necklace matches your dildo, or your shiny new ring goes perfectly with your shiny new butt plug!

This may seem utterly ridiculous, too strange to believe - but we promise you, it is perfectly true.

A pearl-studded dildo might be sold with a matching pearl necklace, perhaps even one from which the buyer can hang the key to their dildo's storage box.

Similarly, a stunning diamond-encrusted sexual aid might go perfectly with a pair of diamond earrings or a glittering bracelet. And sex toy inspired fashion isn't just for women, either!

A gentleman who purchases an anal plug plated with 24-karat gold can enjoy a pair of cufflinks or a tie pin made from the same glittering gold.

Good Vibrations

Lastly, luxury dildos are extremely likely to also feature the ability to vibrate (and thus belong to a wider category generally referred to as "vibrating dildos").

This is because metals like gold and platinum often cannot be formed into more exotic shapes, meaning that luxury dildos are often fairly "generic" in shape - long and straight with a narrow, tapered head.

Adding a vibration capability, especially one with multiple speeds and settings, can help make these toys far more versatile than they would otherwise be.

Of course, even these vibrations come with a fancy - and pricey - little twist.

Many luxury dildos are completely hollow and allow, not the batteries or other power source, but the very vibrating motor or engine itself to be removed.

This extends the lifespan of the dildo significantly as the motor can easily be replaced whenever it starts to run down.

Other luxury dildos utilize alternatives to "standard" batteries such as a discreet charging cable, a high-powered battery with an extremely extensive life expectancy, and even solar power.

Still others forgo giving the dildo itself vibration capabilities, but instead craft a hollow center into which small bullet vibrators can be inserted.

(Of course, bullet vibrators can also be made from gold and other precious metals for that extra luxurious touch!) As was mentioned in the above section, many of these dildos offer customization options for the speed, intensity, and vibration patterns which the dildo will possess.

The World's Number One, Most Expensive, Most Luxurious Dildo

You didn't think we were going to keep this article entirely on general terms and end it without bringing up the most expensive dildo in the world, did you?

Yes, it's time to take a look at the utter height of luxury, the king - almost quite literally - of glittering, gem-studded pleasure aids.

Now, there are a lot of expensive dildos out there on the market, and the number is increasing every year.

Gold-coated, gem-encrusted models such as the Eternity by JimmyJane or the Inez by Lelo easily sell from anywhere from ten to thirty thousand US dollars.

The sixty thousand dollar Victor Phantasm, designed by a high-end Parisian jeweler, even comes with a matching diamond engagement ring, so that you can present your new fiance or fiancee with a dildo alongside professions of your eternal love and devotion.

But there is one dildo that stands head and shoulders - or is that cock and balls - above even these standout examples of elegance and luxury: the Royal Pearl.

A one of a kind dildo manufactured by noted Australian silversmith Colin Burn, the Royal Pearl was sold for the equivalent of a heart-stopping one million US dollars!

For years, Burn has cultivated a reputation as a purveyor of the highest quality, fanciest sex toys available.

Considering himself an "artisan of sexual pleasure," Burn's earlier offerings included a deceptively simple golden egg vibrator (sold for $25,000) and a whip made from 100% natural blonde human hair.

The latter toy, which was specifically designed to appeal to an Asian audience - Burn is quoted as being inspired by the Japanese interest in Western fashion and styles - sparked quite a fierce bidding war among eager Japanese buyers. (Burn, who also proudly admits to regularly taking his own toys out for a spin, describes the experience of being whipped by human hair as both "intense" and "painful" - in fact, surprisingly so!)

The Royal Pearl, which took many years to travel from the design stage to actual production, was a deliberate attempt by Burn to embody the concept of "a million-dollar dildo".

He noted that humans have, throughout history, put a great monetary value on sex and sexual pleasure, and he wanted to create a tribute to that value in the form of a physical representation made from gemstones and metal.

Was Burn's effort a success? We certainly think so! The Royal Pearl definitely looks like a million dollars.

Cast from the purest platinum, the shape of the dildo is inspired by a monarch's scepter, with a crown-shaped piece on the end not intended for insertion. It features over 2,000 gemstones, including clear and pink diamonds provided by Russian jewelers, royal blue sapphires, and pristine white pearls harvested from the South Seas.

All of the gemstones are carefully inset in such a way that they will not catch or rub on the sensitive flesh of the user's genitals, allowing for an experience which, according to Burn, perfectly combines luxury and comfort.

Of course, it wouldn't be a million-dollar dildo without having a little bit of buzz to it.

Rather than rely on inefficient power sources such as batteries, the Royal Pearl features two distinct motors - both handcrafted by Burn - located within the platinum shaft. Multiple vibration settings are possible, ranging from a gentle buzz to a powerful shaking depending on the preference of the user.

Perhaps most uniquely of all, the vibrations can only be started by twisting a small pearl-tipped platinum key, which is kept in the exclusive possession of the user - truly taking "don't share your dildo with others" to the next level!

As of his latest interview, Burn is currently traveling to various countries around the world to showcase his newest luxurious creation.

Will he stop, now that his elusive dream of creating the world's first million-dollar dildo has been achieved? Of course not, Burn scoffs - he plans to continue crafting even more expensive and elite sex toys year after year.

He also expressed interest in displaying his work at international art galleries in a traveling exhibition which would pair his luxury toys with extensive information about the history of sex toys in civilizations such as ancient Greece and China.

Here at Lovegasm, we can't offer you a million-dollar dildo - but what we CAN offer you is a million-dollar experience.

Our dildos are just as comfortable, sleek and sturdy as the "luxury" models discussed in this article while also being available at a MUCH more affordable price point.

(And hey, if you've got a hankering for adding something sparkly to your bedroom play, we've even got you covered there - could we interest you in a decorated glass dildo, or perhaps a jeweled or "princess" style butt plug?)

So head on over to our catalog and let us show you that you don't need 24k carat gold to make your orgasms sparkle, or South Sea pearls to bring yourself an ocean of pleasure in bed!


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